If you read the information on the Community Volunteers page, you will get an appreciation for how important it is to the centre to get support and commitment from Volunteers.

This need is of greatest importance in gaining the support and committment of Trustees. The Trustees fill a very important role in setting the governance, strategy and policies for the Centre, and in monitoring and assessing the performance and achievement of those plans. This centre, like most small charities, desparately needs new, fresh and committed Trustees with the right skills, abilities and time to make a real contribution to the centre.

What do the Trustees do?

Being a Trustee is a very important and responsible position. I recommend any considering should read the Governing Document and Roles and responsibilities as well as CC3 and CC3a issued by the Charity Commission which gives detailed guidance on being a Charity Trustee.
Having said that, being a Trustee can be interesting, rewarding anf fun – it can also be challenging, frustrating and time consuming. But if you have some time to spare, have a reasonable knowledge of management and can bring a skill such as finance, fundraising, law, employment etc to the Board we would be delighted to welcome you.

Current Vacancies

The Executive Board comprises of between 7 and 14 members, this includes the Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and Social Club Chairman. At present the Board has the following members:

1 Hon. Secretary Vacant (Neil Edwards currently acting Sec.)
2 Hon. Treasurer Kevin Lawrence (and Chairman)
3 Social Club Chairman Mrs Janice Lloyd
4 Charity Trustee Mr John Hemmings (and Vice Chairman)
5 Charity Trustee Mrs Thelma Warlock
6 Charity Trustee Ms Janet Cooper
7 Charity Trustee Mr Jim White
8 Charity Trustee
9 Charity Trustee
10 Charity Trustee
11 Charity Trustee
12 Charity Trustee
13 Charity Trustee
14 Charity Trustee