The Lounge Bar

Membership of the centre includes membership of the social club – and is needed(*) before you can make use of these facilities since we operate under a Club Certtficate.

Members Bar Members Bar

The members bar provides somewhere to meet for a social chat with other members, or somewhere to get a coffee or drink (at special members prices). Many sections meet in the bar after their normal activities, while others just come along to socialise with there friends.

Whats more, there is a darts board, cribbage, video games, card games and internet access as well as a pool table, and freeview TV for the major sporting events. On a monthly basis there is also live entertainment in the bar area for members to enjoy. Private birthday parties are also being held in the bar and guest have the opportunity to get a unique present from for the birthday.

The bar serves the usual mix of beers (Bass, Worthington, Toby[£1.55]), Lagers (Grolsch & Carling) and cider (Blackthorn), as well as Guinness [£2.00] and a guest ‘Real ales’.
Basic Shorts (Gin, Whiskey, Vodka, Rum) are only 90p a measure. And we offer special house doubles on Whiskey, gin, vodka and light rum for only £1.50 for a double.
Entertainment Activities

Bar Management Committee

The Bar Management Committee was set up for two reasons: (1) To provide a legal means whereby a Charity could supply alcohol to members and their guests; (2) To provide a means of operating under a Club Certificate (rather than a on-license). The objective of the Social Club is to “to further the interests and objects of the Hanham Folk Centre as laid out in the Governing Document of the Hanham Folk Centre through the provision of refreshments, including intoxicating liquor, in support of HFC activities”. As such, the scope of responsiblities of the Bar Management Commitee is to “The Club shall manage the provision of all Bar-side Services at HFC premises” – and therefore does not address any client-side activities which are now managed by the Entertainments Committee.